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The unauthorized use of the domain name or any e-mail containing as any part of the e-mail header information is in direct violation of the Can-Spam act 2003, of the United States of America. Each violation of the provisions is subject to fines of up to $11,000 USD. Deceptive commercial email also is subject to laws banning false or misleading advertising.

Violators will be subject to litigation to the maximum extent possible under U.S., local, and any applicable laws available.

If you have received spam mail from please understand that it was not sent from this domain. A spammer has illegally forged the header information in order to avoid prosecution for sending illegal spam. I would suggest that you contact the company that is being advertised in the spam and file a complaint with, them as well as the Better Business Bureau, as the company that owns the advertised product is ultimately responsible and accountable for their marketing strategies and decisions.
Advertising spam is not sent unless someone is paying to have it sent.